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StandUp: Counceling in case of Discrimination

You are worried about or indeed have experienced discrimination? Would you like to talk to someone about it or are you looking for support? At Stand Up – our anti-discrimination project – we offer a safe place to talk about your experiences of discrimination. Be it in the workplace, with government services, healthcare, social or in school environments as well as the housing market or in public. Stand Up advises and supports LGBTI people and people with HIV/ Aids.
In one-on-one consultations, we will clarify your needs to get an overview and see what the best options are to deal with your personal experiences of discrimination. Together we can think about the possible strategies that are suitable and meet your individual needs. We are also available to accompany you, if you need to make a statement to the police.
We can also mediate possible talks with the perpetrators of the discrimination as well as the legal services dealing with the situation.
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